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Keen on sharing your insights on our platform? We gladly accept guest authors who can offer fresh, unique content. Here's a simple guide to get you started.

Understand our Editorial Policy

Ensure your content is entirely original and hasn't been shared on any other online or print platforms. Declare any business ties to individuals or organizations mentioned in your article. We hold exclusive rights to the piece for 24 hours post-publication, after which you can republish with acknowledgment to the original article.

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Develop your Proposal

Share your proposed topic and ensure it aligns with our focus areas. Proposals that are specific and customised have higher chances of acceptance.

Send your Proposal to the Relevant Editor

Due to the influx of emails we receive, it might take up to a week for us to get back to you.

Compose your Article

Most of our articles range from 500 to 900 words, with a casual, relaxed tone. Include a brief bio and pertinent URLs.

Submit your Article

Our editorial team will review and tweak your article to fit our stylistic standards. Note that publication isn't assured.

Advertise and Interact

Distribute the link among your circles for greater visibility, and anticipate us spreading your content via various social media platforms and email newsletters. The editor will work out a specific publication date with you and share the live link with you.

Furthermore, we retain the right to eliminate any third-party affiliate links and may alter your article for length. By submitting your piece to us, you accept our editorial guidelines and give our editor the right to modify your article.

Our top guest articles come from authors who are enthusiastic about their topics. We suggest you consider where your passions and skills intersect with our focus areas. Our editors are eager to assist you in honing your ideas, but a specific, tailored proposal is more likely to be successful.

Once we approve your proposal, you can start writing your article. We recommend keeping the length within 500 to 900 words, adopting a light and breezy tone. Include a brief bio, featuring your name, institution, and recent achievements. If relevant, you may also provide a headshot or book cover image to go with your piece.

Upon submission, our editors will scrutinize and adjust your piece according to our style guidelines. We might also include stock images where required. While publication is not assured, we will actively share your content on diverse social media platforms and email newsletters. You're also encouraged to share the link within your network.

When your piece goes live, the editor will collaborate with you on fixing a specific publication date and share the live post link with you. We eagerly anticipate your proposal and look forward to collaborating with you in showcasing unique and engaging content on our platform.

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